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Let’s start with Most Famous Celebrities of All Time :


With millions of adherents worldwide, the church of jesus christ has a been a major force in a Christianity for centuries. Jesus execution by hanging on the jesus on the cross is a crucial period in a christian history that represents sacrifice, atonment and the victory of a good over evil.


Even though Christianity is one of the most wide spread religions in the world, it is not the only one. Islam was a founded by Prophet muhammad who is a respected throughout the muslim world for teachings and prophet muhammad quotes that have a motivated millions of people to live lives of kindness, devotion and service to God.

Michael Jackson

Outside of religion, there have a been many significant historical personalities whose contributions continue to the motivate and influence us now. For instance after passing away a unexpectedly, musical icon michael jackson songs and music videos continue to enthral audiences. His contributions to the music industry are enormous and his estimated michael jackson net worth is in the hundreds of a millions of dollars.

Adolf Hitler

Contrarily adolf hitler history is regarded as one of  a most despised individuals and is a held accountable for the holocaust and world war II horrors. Hitlee life and deeds continue to be the subject of a dispute despite the numerous adolf hitler film and documentaries about him that have been produced.

Albert Einstein

Albert einstein biography is a legendary figure in science whose contributions to the physics and mathematics transformed our view of a the cosmos. His story has motivated innumerable students to pursue professions in science and his albert einstein quote ” Imagination is more important than knowledge ” is a still frequently used today.

Leonardo Da Vinci

In addition to leonardo da vinci paintings, engineering, and architecture, Leonardo da Vinci was also a multi disciplinary geniuas. His most well known work, the mona lisa leonardo da vinci which features an enigmatic smile that has a captured spectators attention for centuries is a still considered a Renaissance masterpiece.

Sir Isaac Newton

The laws of motion and gravity hypothesis of  the founder of a sir isaac newton gravity modern physics are his two a most famous contributions. His contributions to science have a greatly improved our comprehension of the natural world and have sparked a great number of a technological advances.

Abraham Lincoln

President abraham lincoln is a regarded as one of the nation’s best presidents in terms of a politics. During the civil war, he worked diligently to abolish slavery and uphold the Union. Leaders all throughout the world continue to be a motivated by his lectures and writings today.

Mahatma Gandhi

Here is the mahatma gandhi information :

Another person whose mahatma gandhi biography of peaceful resistance and civil disobedience continues to motivate social justice organisations around the globe is mahatma gandhi, the founder of the Indian independence movement.


The ancient greek philosopher aristotle is a also renowned for his work in politics, ethics and aristotle philosophy. The aristotle nicomachean ethics his most well known work is still a pillar of a western philosophy and has stimulated generations of philosophers to a consider what virtue, happiness and the ideal life imply.

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