Top 10 cloud hosting provider : AWS and Azure many more


Here in this article, we will discuss about top 10 cloud hosting providers in world. What is the top 10 cloud server providers ? You also know in this article about world top 10 cloud server company. In this article we will discuss about top cloud server company. Also you know in this article about top cloud hosting company in world. You will in this article about best cloud hosting company in world. We will cover all about top 10 cloud service company. In this article we will cover in this article about what is microsoft azure,aws amazon console,sap cloud connector and what is google cloud platform many more about cloud service comany. For more information of Top 10 cloud service company you can check on web and choose the best cloud service .

Let’s start with Top 10 Cloud Server Company :

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The emergence of cloud computing has transformed how a businesses run and a number of players in the market now provide cloud services. The most popular a cloud service provider amazon aws cloud  offers a simple to use portal for a consumers to manage their cloud resources. Some of the most well liked cloud services are accessible through the AWS console including a EC2, S3, and RDS.

Microsoft Azure

Another top cloud service provider with a broad range of a services for corporations is a microsoft azure cloud. Users can manage their cloud resources, such as a virtual machines, databases and storage, through the Azure interface it ofers.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Another well known cloud service provider is a google cloud storage which is provides a variety of a   google cloud platform api that users may a incorporate into their applications.

IBM Cloud

Services like IBM cloud pak for data, IBM  cloud object storage and others are offered by a IBM Cloud Computing. The platform is a made to assist organisations in securely managing their data and apps.

Alibaba Cloud

The top cloud service provider in China is a alibaba cloud services.  alibaba cloud computing offers a variety of a services including computing, storage, and networking. 

Oracle Cloud

Another top cloud service provider with a wide range of services is a oracle cloud infrastructure. Oracle cloud fusion ERP is a full featured  contemporary cloud ERP suite that a gives your teams access to cutting-edge features like artificial intelligence to automate manual tasks that slow them down analytics to the respond to market changes instantly, and automatic updates to maintain relevance and gain a competitive edge.


Businesses can manage their e commerce and customer support operations using the a cloud based salesforce commerce cloud and salesforce service cloud platforms.

SAP Cloud

The SAP busines technology platform’s database management core is a SAP HANA Cloud. This platform a includes intelligent technologies, application development, analytics, database and data management, and integration. Other cloud based platforms for a managing customer service and analytics operations include SAP service cloud and SAP analytics cloud . 

There are 3 cloud offer by SAP cloud is give below :

  • IaaS [ infrastructure – as – a – service ]
  • PaaS [ platform – as – a – service ]
  • SaaS [ software – as – a – service ]

Huawei Cloud

Two of the service provided by a Huawei cloud computing are huawei cloud backup and huawei cloud storage . These services are made to assist companies with data backup and cloud storage security.

VMWare Cloud

Services like a vmware on the cloud and vmware cloud service are made availablle by the vmware cloud computing enabling companies to the manage their virtual machines and apps safely.

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