Top 10 tech company in the world 2023


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Let’s start with Top 10 Tech Company :

Apple – $2.595 Trillion

Apple inc history is among the most valuable businesses in theen tire world. The iPhone, the company’s flagship product has a emerged as a symbol of a contemporary technology and the iPhone 14 pro max is a expected to maintain this trend.  By consistently paying dividends and engaging in the stock buybacks the corporation has a also been effective in forging close ties with its apple inc shareholders.

Microsoft – $2.198 Trillion

Microsoft corporation financials is a another titan in the tech sector. The business is well known for its gaming arm, Xbox and software products including windows and office. Microsoft has also made large microsoft redeem in the cloud with its Azure platform emerging as a dominant force in the industry. 

Alphabet (Google) – $1.341 Trillion

Alphabet inc owner is Sundar Pichai . In 2022 alphabet inc net worth is $365 billion. google founders net worth in 2023 is 8960 crores USD.

Amazon – $1.076 Trillion

Another tech juggernaut with a major market impact is a amazon. Because of the company emphais on amazon customer service it has developed a devoted following and over time the value of its shares has a increased dramatically. Other investments made by amazon stock market include the purchase of Whole Foods and its streaming service, Prime Video.

NVIDIA – $665.81 Billion

A company called Nvidia specialises in graphics processing units for  a both gaming and business applications. The corporation has a nvidia stock market cap value of a over $500 billion, and nvidia geforce experience software has a become a must for gamers. 

Meta Platforms (Facebook) – $536.93 Billion

Meta platforms inc basically named facebook inc. The facebook inc is the americal national technoloy.

Tesla – $487.31 Billion

Tesla market cap over time under the charismatic leadership of elon musk has a revolutionised the auto business with its electric vehicles with high tesla battery capacity. There are many tesla car models list in this year. 

TSMC – $426.55 Billion

With a tsmc market share of more than 50% taiwan semi conductor manufacturing company ( TSMC ) is the largest contract manufacturer of a semiconductors in the world. By tsmc net worth 2023 is $426.76 B. 

Tencent – $420.59 Billion

Chinese company tencent holdings limited has a made large investments in gaming, social media and finance. By tencent net worth 2023 the company’s net worth is anticipated to a reach $405.5B. The secret to a tencen success is a its ability to spot emerging trends and make early investments in them.

Samsung – $318.60 Billion

The most well known products made by a samsung mobile service a south korean technology corporation, are smartphones and other consumer electronics. The business is a significant participant with a samsung market cap of a more than $400 billion.

Here Top 10 IT companies in the world :

  • Microsoft
  • Accenture
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • TCS – Tata Consultancy Services
  • Deloitte Consulting
  • Capgemini
  • Cognizant
  • DXC

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